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Our lawyers will create for you a comprehensive estate plan to preserve your wealth and divide it in the ways you intend.

Our lawyers will help you set up wills, estates, trusts and other tools that would preserve your wealth and shift it to your beneficiaries in the way you intend. At the same time, we’ll advise you of the laws and systems that could have an impact. In addition, we help clients who dispute or contest the validity of wills, estates, trusts and joint tenancy transfers. We also represent people who have been disinherited.

Our lawyers are able to help you draft a will or make changes to an existing will with a codicil. We can also review your will to make sure it is valid and addresses your wishes. We would offer you various options on how your will can give effect to your wishes, and ensure that your will accords with the relevant provincial legislation.

Our Estate Planning Lawyers will guide you through each aspect of setting up your estate. Our comprehensive, multi-step approach ensures that all your assets are accounted for and your beneficiaries are prepared for the future. We will also ensure that your estate is prepared to make life easier for you while you are alive and well.

Probate lawyers (also called Estate Administration Lawyers) help you with the steps required to finalize an estate. Usually, a Will’s executor or executrix will hire us. During probate, the assets of a deceased person are given to the beneficiaries named in the Will. This can be a long process. Get the legal help you need in order to successfully navigate it.

Estate Litigation is an emotionally charged area of law. When fights over family estates turn into litigation, you will need a lawyer to help you navigate the process. We take the time to understand how stressful estate disputes are to our clients and their families, and what is at stake for them. Our Estate Litigation Lawyers will explain the law to you, and your entitlements.

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Wills & Estates

The Making of a Will

A Will is a legal declaration of how a person wishes their possessions to be disposed of after death. A Will should be drafted by

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