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We offer a portion of our yearly profits to charities and community groups. We are a proactive law firm, hoping to influence and benefit the communities we serve.

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      By our Communities, and back
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Hi, we’re 

We are a law firm of dedicated, aspirational, enthusiastic legal professionals and staff that are determined to make an impact in our communities in which we live.

What we do

Like any other law firm, we practice the law by offering our clients competent and timely
advice and solutions. What makes us unique is that we also engage with and actively support the communities in which we operate through these fronts:

Charitable Giving

We give a portion of our profits every year, to community groups that are tackling important social causes. These donations make it easier for them to deliver their programs, so that we all benefit together as a community

Community-based Projects

Without cost, we assist various community groups and NPOs with their legal challenges and work, so that they can focus on delivering their mandates, benefiting all of our communities

Legal Education + Advocacy

We offer legal information and free seminars to individuals and groups, to teach them about important topics, and empower them with the knowledge they need to meet their own goals


Inspired by our faith, we work with all peoples and groups – regardless of their faith, race, ethnicity, age and ability – who share our hopes for stronger healthier communities. Working with this approach enables us to partner with any party who is committed to improving the lives of others.

Whether you work with an organization, a community group, or are a concerned citizen, we want you to get involved and support us to achieve a more tolerant and equal world. Please contact us to discuss ways or projects through which we can work together. Not sure how you can fit in? Feel free to read more about the work we’re doing:

Our Current Community Projects

Committed to supporting our communities

Volunteer With Us

If you have some time to spare, or you are deeply concerned about your community, YALLAW would be a good place for you to use your energies and skills. We have a lot going on that would need your support. You can:

  • Assist us with the legal work we do, 
  • Participate in our campaigns to create awareness about social issues that affect us all, 
  • Assist us in delivering our community based projects,
  • Assist us with the operation of our office, including with writing articles, researching topics, connecting with potential partners, and more.

Yallaw is managed by a dedicated team of staff


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We’re aiming to donate $20,000

Half of our yearly profits, minus our operating expenses, go directly to communities that need it

We’re accountable

We’re financially transparent

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