Greetings from our team, and we begin Yallaw

Greetings from our team, and we begin Yallaw

We are excited to start off our law firm with great hopes to serving you, and benefiting our community in the process.

As you know from our Our Story  and Mission & Values page, we began our law firm with the goals of combining our everyday practice of law with working on intiatives that would benefit our communities. 

Most of our staff are Muslim, and we are focusing on giving back to the Muslim community, by engaging in three core activities: (1) giving a portion of our yearly income to charity and community groups that need support, (2) supporting community groups with their legal needs without cost, and (3) offering education and legal seminars to groups and individuals aimed at empowering them. 

You may be wondering why did we start Yallaw? And why now? Our founding team of lawyers and staff felt it was the right time in our career to combining our aspiration of benefiting our community with our work in law. 

As for the question ‘why now’, we felt that now more than ever, persons and groups in the Muslim communities need to congregate, deliberate and cooperate on tackling the various issues facing our Muslim communities and wider communities in which we live. These recent years have seen some great wins in the advancments of civil rights, multiculturilism and respect of one another. But they have also been marked by various setback and challenges, that have been well documented in the media and other sources. This terrain that we Canadians find ourselves in requires a colloborative approach to advance through it. With that knowledge, we at Yallaw hope to contribute our part to making our communities stronger, healthier and more vibnrant. 

And so it is with great enthusiasm and high hopes that we begin this venture with you. To you, our community, and neighbors, we hope to get to know you, support you in your personal and community goals and work with you towards a more equal, accepting, and harmanious society. 

Drop us a line if you feel that our story or work resonates with you, or stop by our office to greet us.

With that, we are happy to kick start our first year in operation, this August 2019.  

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