Greetings all

Greetings all

We are excited to be setting our charitable targets for this year.

As you know, as a part of our mission is to donate a third of our profits every year to charity. You can read more about that here.


We take pride in acts of charity, and practising law in a manner that benefits our community. With that said, for this year, we arrived at a target of a total amount to donate by the end of this year: $15,000.


We arrived at this number after consulting our staff and discussing what is feasible given this is our first year in operation. It is a modest amount yes, but we feel it is at the sweet spot that would keep us motivated and also encourages us to work hard to achieve it.


We will be giving this amount on an ongoing basis every year. To follow our progress of who we donate this money too, please visit this page.

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