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Cognizant of our commitment to donate to our community, we keep ourselves accountable by tracking our costs, expenses, and profits. We employ an independent third party auditor to measure our net profits, and we use that figure to estimate how much we would donate each year.

How We Calculate Our Donations

In a nutshell, we take our revenue every year, and minus our costs from it. That would give us our yearly profits. We take these profits and divide it in half: One half is donated to community groups and charities, and the other half is re-invested in the firm or goes to its staff and lawyers.

COSTS: ​We strive to keep our costs reasonable. Within those costs are items like (1) salaries for our staff (which are kept at an average level), (2) overhead costs like for rent and utilities, and (3) operating costs like for equipment and advertising.


Below we will upload our financial auditing reports as they become available.

  • Coming up: 2019-2020 Year in Review
We minus

We earn fees

  • 🡪 We do work for client
  • 🡪 We earn fee (handshake)
  • We minus
    Gives us


  • Wages for staff and lawyers
  • Utilities (phone, electricity)
  • Office Equipment (photocopier)
  • Advertising
  • Gives us
    Other half goes to


    (Divide profits by 50 %) Half of profits is reinvested in firm or goes to staff
    Other half goes to


    So that they can do the work that is good for our communities
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