We assist people from all over the world to immigrate and settle in Canada
We can assist you and your family to immigrate to and settle in Canada. We will explain to you all your options.
Business Law
We create new businesses, and assist established businesses with all their legal needs
We assist companies with all stages of their growth. We have worked with restaurants, hotels, exporters, and other small businesses
We can represent and defend you in lawsuits and other legal charges
We offer litigation representation in areas of family law, employment, business disputes, wills & estates disputes, and many others

Our Immigration Services

Business Immigration

Immigrate to Canada by starting a new business, in a Canadian Province. You will need to make a financial commitment between 200,000 to 500,000 CAD.

Skilled Worker Immigration

Immigrate to Canada based on the strength of your work experience. This is suitable for Foreign professionals, International Students, and Previous Canadian Workers.

Family Sponsorship

Your Canadian relative can sponsor you for permanent immigration, if you qualify

Work Permit

A Canadian business can sponsor you for a 1-year Work Permit, if you can obtain a Canadian job


You can apply for refugee protection in Canada if you are fleeing persecution in your home country

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